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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Something Happened On My Way to Hell

Think carefully: has a simple craving for love or money; or an everyday activity such as eating, exercising, texting, or work transformed into a bad habit?

Insatiable cravings. Toxic habits. Compulsions. Vices. Addictions. We’ve all got them! And we all want more. If we’re honest we’ll admit we love “something” too much. That’s the subject of my latest book, Something Happened On My Way To Hell: Break Free From the Insatiable Pursuit of Pleasure (great title, huh!)

We all want to know that when we struggle we’re not alone in our fears, our sorrows, our defeats, and our hopes. In this book I honestly share my painful experiences and my heart so we might connect; as well as integrate my education and experience as a pastoral counselor and spiritual development coach.

As you read my stories, believe God will bless you with a similar outcome. Chances are you will recognize in many ways my story and emotions are also yours—the transparency and the shame, the battles and the triumphs. I hope each vignette gives you inspiration and you derive a greater sense of purpose and meaning from your own painful and challenging experiences. I can personally tell you that when the monster is defeated in your life, you will find joy, peace, and meaning, maybe for the very first time.

Check out the info page on my website and the book trailer! I welcome all feedback too.