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Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Addiction Recovery Class Available to the Online Community

Author and host of Every Body Matters, Kimberly Davidson, announced today a new Christian online radio series, Bondage Breakers, to help people recover from addiction. The first live show debuts on Tuesday, April 1st at 10:00 am PST on, the world's largest and most influential social radio network.

“It is critical that people experiencing addiction, whether it’s addiction to alcohol, or sugar, or social media, or work, receive the proper resources and support—and get well God’s way. Many people think all an addict needs is willpower, but nothing could be further from the truth,” said pastoral counselor Kimberly Davidson, author of the Bondage Breakers series. “The goal of this online radio program is to help those impacted by substance and/or behavioral addiction recover God’s plan for their lives, ultimately leading to lasting transformation. Anyone who suffers from addiction and low self-esteem needs unconditional love, acceptance, the power of truth, and forgiveness,” she added.

Bondage Breakers is a 16-week class that incorporates Scripture and biblical counseling action steps to help people break free from addictions and emotional bondage. Participants will learn how to cope with adversity, as well as gaining insight into unidentified destructive patterns of behaviors so they may change. A Facebook page, Bondage Breakers, has been created to support each participant, and give God praise for every small victory.

After receiving her master's degree in specialized ministry, her board certification in biblical counseling, and being set free from the bondage of a deadly eating disorder and addiction to alcohol, Davidson knows how to speak to her audience about the importance of living a healthier, addiction-free life. To hear each podcast, visit which can be enjoyed at the listener's convenience. Listeners are encouraged to participate by calling into the live show on Tuesday mornings. The call-in number is: (347) 237-5095. Bondage Breakers is not intended to replace medical or psychological care.

About Kimberly Davidson: Kimberly Davidson is the founder of Olive Branch Outreach, an organization dedicated to bringing hope and restoration to those struggling with low self-worth, abuse, and food addiction. She is the host of Every Body Matters on BlogTalkRadio. Kimberly earned her master’s degree in Specialized Ministry from Western Seminary and bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from the University of Iowa. Kimberly is a board certified biblical counselor and the author of six books.

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